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Stories | Nov 2014

When I heard about this event, I was quite eager to go – by Rohan

When I heard about this event, I was quite eager to go as I am quite a yes man. The hype was real, when the staff arrived and told me about it. I was really hopeful that I would change as a person as well.

When we arrived, I immediately started doing things that I wouldn’t expect to do and this was a recurring theme of our journey. Not only that but I also expanded my diet by trying loads of different foods and they were tasty and also healthy. With little sugar in my diet I was also calm and collected, which was also fantastic.

There were also a lot of things we had to do around the farm to help out the animals. Although, some weren’t that satisfying I trooped through and impressed everyone as I don’t like filthy things. It was as if I was becoming a different person.

When it ended, I was, of course sad but I did what I wanted. I changed my attitude at home and it’s still changing for the better. If I become a better person at home, I can become more independent and I will feel better. I can’t wait to see if I make an impact in today’s world despite my condition.