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Seven young people, a mix of boys and girls, walk arm-in-arm along a farm track. They are all dressed in different coloured farm overalls

Who we are

Our vision

Vulnerable children nationwide will be better equipped to thrive during their secondary school years and beyond.

At Jamie’s Farm we believe in the innate potential and good in every young person, no matter their background or life experiences.

Our mission

To realise our vision we aim to transform lives through our unique residential programme built around our core elements of Farming, Family, Therapy and Legacy.

We also aim to achieve our vision through spreading our approach and enabling systemic change, by profoundly influencing the way the education system works, training teachers and other professionals in multiple sectors to engage more effectively with disadvantaged young people, as well as informing and supporting parents and society at large to enable all young people to thrive.

We’ve supported over
young people so far

A young man wearing safety goggles watches closely while one of the Jamie's Farm staff shows him how to use a carving tool
A boy wearing blue overalls holds a sheep pen closed while watching over numerous sheep stretching behind him

had improved mental wellbeing (2020/21)

Our approach


Visiting young people will be practically involved in all elements of running the farm. This gives them practical, purposeful work to do with really tangible outcomes. Young people have multiple opportunities to succeed, and be recognised for it, which builds their self-esteem and confidence.


We live and work as an extended family on our farms, working together, sharing meals around one table and supporting each other when things are tough. This gives meaningful relationships to young people, both with adults and peers, and models how supportive partnerships can work.


Young people will receive therapeutic support throughout their time with us, in a very flexible and responsive manner. Our therapy coordinator will oversee this support and each child will receive both one to one and group sessions while with us.


The Jamie’s Farm experience doesn’t stop when young people return home. We will continue to support them through our legacy programme, providing them with encouragement from afar and visiting them in school to help them bring what they’ve learnt on the farm back to their daily lives.

The need

Social and academic exclusion are serious problems affecting young people in the UK today. When children are not engaging fully with their education it can be difficult for them to see their potential as successful people. The consequences of this are likely to be felt well into adulthood, with the biggest impact on employability, wellbeing and relationships. At Jamie’s Farm, we offer a unique, preventative solution to empower young people to change course.

Need stats

Our response

Our powerful formula of Farming, Family, Therapy and Legacy, delivered via a five-day residential and rigorous follow-up programme, is designed specifically to improve wellbeing, boost engagement, improve behaviour and develop essential life-skill such as communication and self-awareness. The week also provides valuable professional development for visiting teachers who return to school with renewed relationships with their young people, and tips and skills to sustain the changes back in the classroom.

Meet our teams

For 5-days our visiting groups live and work alongside our teams and get to experience a ‘life swap’ within our family and local communities. Select a farm below to meet the team and see the farm come to life.

Our leadership and HQ Team

  • Leadership

  • HQ Team

  • Trustees

Jamie Feilden

Founder and Co-CEO

Jake Curtis


Tish Feilden
Tish Feilden

Director of Therapeutic Education

Work for us

Join the Jamie’s Farm family and help us make a difference.

Cultivating Change

We’ve created a network of support for professionals working with children and young people.

How we farm

Find out about our drive towards regenerative farming and our efforts to minimise our environmental impact.


Our history

The initial spark for the charity came when Jamie was teaching in the first cohort of Teach First participants in a Croydon comprehensive.

Searching for ways to support and engage his students, an idea was born combining his own farming experience and the 30 years’ worth of experience that Tish, Jamie’s mother, had built up as a psychotherapist. An approach based on Farming, Family and Therapy was developed, the founding principles that remain at the heart of our work to this day.

Jamie Feilden of Jamie's Farm stands, wearing a blue shirt and red tie, in the middle of a group of high-school students all dressed in uniform


Jamie brings the first groups of young people from Croydon to his family home just outside Bath.

Jamie and Tish feilden stand back-to-back, smiling at the camera, while holding a piglet each


Jamie and his mum and Co-Founder, Tish, register Jamie’s Farm as a charity. The following year Jamie’s Farm moves into Hill House Farm, Ditteridge.

The farm house at Hereford pictured on a sunny day with a flourishing garden stretching before it


To meet growing demand a second Jamie’s Farm is purchased near Hereford and welcomes its first group in February 2015.

2,200 young people have visited Jamie’s Farm.

The barn at waterloo dappled in sunlight with a clear blue sky behind. There is a small group of people gathered within the entrance.


Our city farm in Waterloo opens in a new partnership with Oasis. Here we can continue to support our London based partner schools with a multi week follow-up programme.

Three young people dressed in winter clothing holding a chicken each. It is a foggy winter day behind them.


Jamie’s Farm Monmouth officially opens and welcomes its first visitors.

5,000 young people have visited Jamie’s Farm.

The beautiful Lewes farm house on a sunny day. The house is set behind a large pond, with trees to the left hand side.


Jamie’s Farm Lewes welcomes its first group in March.

7,500 young people have visited Jamie’s Farm.

Jamie Feilden holding an award in front of pig pens


Adapting to the limitations of the pandemic, in July a day visit programme is launched supporting the most vulnerable young people and schools local to our farms.

Jamie Feilden wins the award for Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture at the British Farming Awards.

Tish Feilden publishes her debut book Creating Change for Vulnerable Teens.

Three young people jumping for joy behind a large black cow on a grey winters day


After over a year of disruption caused by the pandemic, in May, residentials resume for the first time since March 2020.

668 young people supported via day visit programme.

The Queen Consort joined by Jamie's Farm staff and young people in a spring-time vegetable garden


Our Patron HRH Duchess of Cornwall visits Jamie’s Farm Monmouth – she has now visited all of our farms within the last 10 years.

Jamie’s Farm reaches a significant milestone in June – since our inception over 10,000 young people have now benefited from our transformative programme.

Mark, the Head of Farm, at the Skipton farm next to Jake, Co-CEO, smiling with sheep and rolling hills behind them.


Due to demand from schools in the north of England, Jamie’s Farm Skipton welcomes its first children for day visits in April.

In August, we completed on Jamie’s Farm Bath: Lower Shockerwick, a sixth residential farm located in the Box Valley.

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