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Three children on feeding round with beautiful sunrise

Our impact

Cultivating change

We are very proud of the positive impact we have on the young people who visit Jamie’s Farm.

Specifically, our programme focuses on improving behaviour, engagement, wellbeing and essential life-skills. Our programme offers a unique, preventative solution to empower young people to change course.

Adele’s story

Adele, shares her Jamie’s Farm story from her first experience of the farm in 2013 when she first came with her school aged 11, to 2019, aged 17 and employed as an apprentice at our Farm in Lewes.

young people supported so far

young people in a farm buggy

had improved mental wellbeing (2021/22)

Our impact in numbers

Young people have individual and often complex needs which can manifest in many ways, including poor mental wellbeing, disengagement, and challenging behaviour. Jamie’s Farm offers a safe, nurturing environment in which young people can develop the social and emotional skills necessary to deal with challenges in a more appropriate and productive way. After visiting Jamie’s Farm, young people show statistically significant and meaningful positive shifts in their behaviour, engagement, self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Behaviour
  • Engagement
  • Professional Practice

Improved mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is among the most urgent and complex issues facing young people today and is closely linked to social and academic exclusion. The nurturing environment of the farm gives young people a safe space to kindle positive relationships, develop a more positive self-image and take a break from everyday life.


of visiting staff saw an increase in young people’s confidence and self-esteem during the visit


of young people referred for their self-esteem had improved self-esteem 6 months later

Annual Review

For the full Jamie’s Farm story and our latest impact data relating to the 2021-22 academic year, download our Annual Review.

Theory of Change

This artwork illustrates the journey a young person at Jamie’s Farm takes, and how our approach effects the outcomes we are seeking.

Real stories from our young people

Choose a story:

  • Olivia’s story Visited 2019
  • Dia’s story Visited 2019


Olivia came to Jamie’s Farm with one of our longstanding partner schools: Kensington Aldridge Academy. Olivia visited shortly after the Grenfell Tower Fire; the devastating effects of which were being felt deeply by the pupils, families and staff at the school, and the wider community beyond. Olivia was struggling with her own mental wellbeing at the time. She was having self-confidence issues and finding it hard to navigate her friendships:

“Before Jamie’s Farm, I was starting to slip into a really dark and low, upsetting state because there was stress from school and in my personal life. I didn’t know how to voice what I was finding difficult and upsetting. I felt like no one really cared.”

Olivia came to Jamie’s Farm by chance, because somebody dropped out. She was very hesitant and sceptical at first, believing that as a ‘London girl’, she wouldn’t fit the farm environment. Within 10 minutes of arriving, she and a friend had helped a ewe to give birth, and delivered their first ever lamb. It was a sign of what was to come. Olivia battled with homesickness at the start of the week, but the relationships she built with her teachers and peers helped
her to overcome this and began to thrive given a trusting and supportive environment. Olivia went on to become a Jamie’s Farm Ambassador, participating in a year long programme and visiting every Jamie’s Farm site in the process.

“I mention Jamie’s Farm at least twice a week to my friends! I was such a troubled kid and I think about it all the time. I am now working in the Natural History Museum part-time. From September I’m doing a Performing Arts degree and I can’t wait, I’m so excited and ready. I’m so proud to be going to do what I love. I want to stay in touch with Jamie’s Farm because I just think it’s been so beneficial to me – it does something, it really does. I think it’s the air!”

Olivia’s mum

“Olivia’s stay at Jamie’s Farm had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her life. She came back glowing with pride and joy and newfound faith in herself and her abilities. This generation lives in a world ruled by technology and to have the opportunity to spend a week without it, suddenly enabled her to look deeper into herself. Her favourite part was the “can do” attitude championed at Jamie’s Farm, which she brought with her and it serves us as a great reminder that she indeed can. We felt incredibly proud when she was chosen as a Jamie’s Farm Ambassador. The staff at Jamie’s Farm are attentive, non-judgmental and truly understanding of the needs of our young people. I salute and thank them for changing the future, one child at a time.”

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