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Podcasts | Jan 2022

Teachers Talking – What matters, what works

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The second podcast in this mini series, as part of our Regenerative Education series, shares the pleasure I had in listening and talking to some of the teachers who have participated in The Difference programme and hearing their first hand experiences in schools and what they would like to see and feel is possible to change.

I hope if you listen to the podcast you will, like me, feel a bubble of excitement that things can change for the better and teachers can be valued for the amazing work they do. There are massive challenges facing this generation but just as with agriculture we need to look to better methods of care and sustenance to sustain positive growth.

Regenerative Education: Episode two

Teachers talking – what matters, what works

The teachers in the second podcast in this series have taught in mainstream schools and Alternative Provisions. They bring together their experience and thinking about how we could regenerate education to better meet the needs of the child and help them thrive to face more positive futures. They speak of how wellbeing and happiness are inextricably linked to academic achievement and how teachers needs time to know the context a child is growing up in. They share the importance of having time to build meaningful relationships that are asset based and how they are eager to invest in the strengths and passions of children and their families. And finally, how social, emotional, mental and physical health all need equal value to help children face a future they can engage in. These teachers know first hand what can make a difference.

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If you don’t already, please follow Tish and Jamie’s Farm on Twitter and join in the conversation. If you would like to find out more about Tish’s approach to working with young people, we have included the link to her new book ‘Creating Change for Vulnerable Teens’.