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Jamie’s Farm works with schools to support vulnerable young people who are at risk of social or academic exclusion. Students are referred for:

  • a lack of engagement in school manifesting in low attendance and attainment;
  • poor mental well-being and self-esteem issues;
  • underdeveloped life-skills;
  • challenges demonstrating positive behaviour, leading to negative relationships with adults and peers.

Underpinning these is an underlying improvement in the ‘soft skills’ that are so vital to the academic success of pupils, and their ability to achieve in later life. Our mental well-being measure results have demonstrated that we significantly improve pupils’ resilience, motivation and self-control, the non-cognitive skills that research is suggesting are even more important than numeracy and literacy in children’s life and employment prospects. It is no surprise then, that over 90% of our partner schools have rebooked visits with us.

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For more detailed information about organising a visit to Jamie’s Farm:

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Email Dom for details about price and availability: 

At Jamie’s Farm we are keen to meet the individual needs of children and staff, and are have the expertise to adapt our provision to meet specific needs. Contact us to discuss any questions or suggestions you may have about a particular group.

Autumn 2020 Programmes

We are delighted to say that all of our farms are now re-opening to visiting groups. We’re welcoming all the children we normally support, plus are especially keen to support young people who are struggling to return to school following lockdown.

Day Visits

Throughout the autumn term, we are offering programmes of day visits to groups local to our farms. Here, young people can visit the farm every day for a week, following a similar programme they would on a residential. We would love to use this as an opportunity to support more young people in our local communities, so please contact us if you have a group who could benefit. More information on our programme can be found in our Day Visit Pack.

Download our Day Visit Pack

Residential Visits

We are now taking bookings for residential visits from January 2021 onwards. If you’d like to book your slot for next year, please contact us now while we still have places available. If you are from a non-school group who would like to work with us before January, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to support you.

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“I cannot stress enough how beneficial this unique opportunity was. I attended the trip myself for the whole week and observed some quite remarkable transformations in students who otherwise present some quite challenging and complex behaviour, social and emotional difficulties. The skills that were developed have had a lasting impact here at school both in terms of academic progress but also in terms of behaviour improvement.”

Carly Mitchell – Principal, Oasis Academy South Bank