Frequently asked questions

Our impact shows it is. By taking young people out of their home environments, away from their phones, consoles and all social media, and by providing them with a rich array of meaningful jobs that keep them active throughout the day, we provide them with a deep experience that stays with them forever. This experience of being positive contributing members of a family community feels good to these children; when they return home, they are able to maintain these patterns of behaviour and demonstrate the change they need to make in their lives.

We work together with our partner schools to identify pupils for whom the experience will be most powerful. We believe that a group made up of a mixture of reasons for referral – nurture; engagement; behaviour – works best to create a group dynamic that is most likely to allow individual pupils to shine. Generally, each student is at risk of social or academic exclusion; we allow pupils to take themselves away from this risk

Unfortunately, we are unable to support individuals alone. We believe that being part of a school group of teachers and children allows the experience to be transferred back home much more effectively. When there are the inevitable challenges upon the children’s return, these other people who have been on their journey with them will be able to provide the necessary support to help them with through their problems.

Jamie’s Farm is staffed by experienced professionals who are able to run meaningful sessions in an engaging and safe manner. We help visiting members of staff wake kids up, and representatives if the farm will be with the kids all through the day. We aim for teachers to be able to take this opportunity to positive and meaningful relationships with their pupils, and think about how their classroom practice may change in response to observing our approach. Every single visiting member of staff wanted to return to the Farm when surveyed in the past year.

A typical group at Jamie’s Farm is made up of 10-12 young people. This allows for small groups tackling real, meaningful jobs, and everyone sitting around the same table for meals. Occasionally, we may work with larger groups of less vulnerable youngsters, in order to broaden our impact. Different options can be spoken about with our Programme Manager, Jake Curtis