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Podcasts | Dec 2021

Regenerative Education – An introduction

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Welcome to our new podcast series, Regenerative Education. Our futures have all been under discussion with a focus more than ever on climate change. Amidst a raft of initiatives, farming practices are having to change to be more sustainable, and, borrowing from the wisdom and hope of Regenerative farming, we want to use the same challenging investigation into the education system. Is it fit for purpose, does it help children thrive? Jamie’s Farm wants to look at both Regenerative Farming and Regenerative Education. There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the world with Covid, coupled with talk of a planet that is degenerating: it feels important to stem the tide of negativity, to support the areas that need change, to celebrate successes however small and share examples of best practice that we can all benefit from.

Learning and self-actualisation in Maslow’s terms can only follow if a child feels safe and physically well, and in our new podcast series we track some of things that lead to preparing the ground in schools that can support a child to thrive. If we follow the analogy of growing and farming, the quality of soil holds the key.

Tish Feilden

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