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Jake Curtis


Jake studied History at Cambridge University, before returning to his Birmingham roots to teach up the road from where he grew up as part of the Teach First Leadership Development Programme. He has also enjoyed teaching overseas, in Palestine and Ghana, and gained a distinction in his Masters in Educational Leadership from Warwick University.

Jake joined Jamie’s Farm in 2012 and has worked hard to ensure that as many children as possible get as great an impact as possible from our unique provision across all Jamie’s Farms. This involves supporting the delivery teams at each location to maintain and improve our approach and ensuring the central machine at Jamie’s Farm is well-run to enable our programme to be effectively delivered. It also includes a spot of river jumping with visiting children at our Hill House Farm HQ, which is unbeatable as a reminder of what the farm is all about. With his appointment as Co-CEO in early 2022 Jake will lead and develop all aspects of our work with children at Jamie’s Farm while Jamie will focus on Fundraising and Farming.