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Elly Hayes

Senior Visit Coordinator
Jamie's Farm Monmouth

Although born and bred in London, Elly has always had a great love of the outdoors and of animals. With a childhood home complete with multi-storey guinea-pig hutches, numerous cats, a dog, rabbits and a tame pigeon, it was inevitable that Elly would, one day, end up in the countryside.

After completing her degree in English Literature and having a family, Elly worked in schools for a number of years. Following her family relocation to the Welsh/English borders, she started volunteering at Jamie’s Farm where the combination of young people enjoying the outdoors and experiencing the joy of working with animals, provided the perfect place in Elly’s eyes!

Elly joins us at Jamie’s Farm Monmouth to work with the visiting young people in the gardening sessions, but can also be found finding any excuse to help with the animals whether that be bottle feeding lambs, moving cows or mucking out the hen house!