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Ellie Smith

Garden Specialist
Jamie's Farm Monmouth

Ellie grew up in rural Gloucestershire and was fortunate enough to always be surrounded by wide open spaces, animals and plenty of British weather. She went on to a complete a degree in Design, and worked within menswear production, pattern cutting and Interior Design.

A move with Dan to start up the Monmouth Farm meant more involvement with farm animals, and the opportunity to explore the Wye Valley and the surrounding area on horseback. Ellie joined the team after their second child and is so glad to be able to bring them up living within a wonderful extended family.

With visiting young people, she is lucky enough to be able to share her passion for horses, as well as her interest in grass, grazing and equine enrichment. She doesn’t mind the wind and the rain as long she has some cosy, dry socks, and it is this feeling of comfort and reliability which she loves to be able to share with visitors.