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Alice Mackenzie

Senior Visit Coordinator
Jamie's Farm Bath

Alice has taken a winding road in her journey leading her to Jamie’s Farm, a place which she feels captures the values and beliefs that are important to her. It was only after completing a law degree and briefly embarking on a career as a solicitor that she changed direction and discovered a love for teaching in a primary school in Hackney. This is where she really experienced the impact on young people of having someone who believed in them and who showed an interest in them as individuals. Alice enjoyed teaching for 7 years going on to teach in Islington then Hertfordshire. As she had had experience of safeguarding as a teacher and could see some of the difficulties young people sometimes faced in their home beyond the classroom, she became a social worker. She maintained her passion for ensuring the voices of young people could be heard during challenging times when it may sometimes have felt that adults were the ones making decisions for them rather than with them. Her focus on this, together with a love of nature and a first-hand experience of the transformative impact of residential trips, led her to finding a role at Jamie’s Farm. She is very much looking forward to ensuring the young people visiting have a fantastic experience and discover new things about themselves so they can begin to unlock all of their potential.