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Stories | Feb 2015

One word. Yuck. Why in heavens sake did I ever agree to go to a farm – by Rania

One word. Yuck. Why in heavens sake did I ever agree to go to a farm, filled with poo, smelly animals, people those type of accents that you never know what there saying, and worst of all being with a group of people from my school who I don’t talk to, get along with or barely even know. Was it because I was dared? Or was it because of my mum said it would be a ‘great new experience and adventure’. Or was it because I actually…wanted to?

The farm we would be going was called Jamies Farm and it was in Bath. In a little valley named Wilshire. The staff seemed pretty cool. There was a man with a long stubble and short hair, his eyes were emerald turquoise and had a big furry sheep dog going by the name Hamitch. Next, was another staff member called Rachel, she looked tough and not someone to be messed around with, but she did seem pretty relaxed and calm, she always had a little dog with huge chocolate eyes named Piglet. Afterwards we was introduced to the Mum of the owner of Jamies Farm (Jamie). Her name was Tish, she was one of the sweetest people ive met and was lovely, she was always calm and nice around us and was like a big mother to us all, she reminded of a flower because she had the brightest cornflower blue eyes that always shined and were electrifying.

They gave us a tour around the farm and I think its quiet safe to say it looks decent but I did have to experience excretion as I predicted. The food was healthy but it was hard to deal and think about the fact we weren’t allowed to have any sugar. NO SUGAR. Or our phones. But I don’t guess I wont be using it or having any time to use it seeing as there is no time between feeding the animals and doing the activities.

There were some baby piglets but they were apparently shy to come out. So a staff member from Jamies Farm told us to sit down and be quiet and theyd naturally come. At first we all thought this was unlikely to be true and that they’d never come out because we were inpatient. A few minutes later, a little piglet came out. Then all of them did, they bit and licked our wellies because of the unsual smells they had. But we were told not to pick them up because theyd scream like an exorcism if you picked them up, and there mother would be angry. In that moment that taught me how much my mother cares for me and how I would react if my child was in a situation, of course I’d react.

We had a little meeting where we had to talk about how we feel at the start of the day and then who we give our dedications to and why the reason was. They were called Check-Outs, where on a scale out of one to ten, we’d say what we were and why and then our Shoutouts to either the staff or people we were with.

We went to Steves Farm, who is a friend of Jamie. At Steves we herd some sheep, met his crazy dogs, ate a delicious lunch cooked by Steves lovely wife. We met their 2 pet pigs and pet mountain goat who were very calm and tame around us. This has taught me to be calm around others, and treat people the way I want to be treated. Steve also took us on a tour on his quad going extremely fast and making us dizzy and going in circles.

What Jamies Farm has taught me is that not everything in life goes the way you want and that’s fine and because there is always better stored for everyone and if It gets harder you will need to find your way out of the Labrinth and run away from the Minotour, no matter how fast or slow your going you’ll make it to the end and when you do get out there is always a sense of accomplishment and pride no matter how small or little that achievement is, and always know who to be with and if they are good for you because if there not there using there failure to drop your success down. I think Jamies Farm will always be a second home to everyone even if you’re a visitor, teacher, Assistant, or a student you are always welcome here. Thank you Jamies Farm.