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Blogs | Nov 2022

October Update from Jamie’s Farm Bath

This month, we have had the pleasure of welcoming young people from Bridgwater Academy’s Polden Centre, The Hurlingham Academy and the Hillingdon Virtual School. It has been amazing to see some returners from two of those groups who have been paving the way for newcomers, reassuring and mentoring them throughout. It has been lovely to hear them reflect on what it is they had achieved after their first week at Jamie’s Farm and what challenge they wanted to set themselves this time around. Highlights this month include a food tech assignment in the form of an incredibly tasty carrot cake, some craft ideas being shared and some impressive log chopping. Young people have discovered new farming skills alongside new life skills, which they are excited to be taking forward as a continuation of the Jamie’s Farm journey. We have also been making the most of the Autumn weather, enjoying time out on our walks, beekeeping sessions with Laura and pizzas in the garden! 

It has also been an exciting time for the farm with the rams going in with the ewes – signalling the preparation of lambing season in five months’ time. Our new Farm Manager, Nia, has been a fantastic addition to the team, sharing her love of farming and her passion for regenerative farming with the young people. 

Here at Bath, we are fortunate to have some fantastic volunteers who continue to help make our gardens amazing and full of produce. This month, Alison and Sue have been helping with our flower garden and Catherine has been tending to our vegetable garden. Not just content with encouraging our vegetables to grow, Catherine also recently joined us at the Bath Half Marathon to cheer on all of our wonderful runners! A special mention goes to another of our volunteers, Jake, who spent his half term with us and the lovely Hillingdon Virtual School team, ensuring we provide the very best experience possible to all of our young people.