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Blogs | Nov 2023

November update from Jamie’s Farm Hereford

We’ve welcomed winter at Jamie’s Farm Hereford, and although the outdoors work can pose more of a challenge in the wet and cold, the farmhouse provides a cosy and warm welcome at the end of each day.

One of our long-standing partners, Carew Academy, returned to the farm this November. Despite a slightly shorter visit than usual, it was still clear to see the positive impact of the time spent with us. We think it’s fantastic to see how our programme can be flexible to the needs of young people, and are proud of our team for offering so much during a relatively short space of time. Once again, thank you to Carew for an excellent visit.

North Birmingham Academy, a new partner, enjoyed seasonal pumpkin carving and storytelling by the fire. This visit provided lots of cosy autumnal energy, which was lovely to ease everyone into the winter months. We’ve also welcomed King Henry VIII, a new and local partner school school, for a three day visit. It was great to see how well the young people responded to the farm, even though they were only visiting for a few hours a day. We’re so glad to have seen how much this group enjoyed each day visit.

Another new partner school, Alderbrook, were able to join us for the first visit without rain in weeks! We’re so glad that they were able to enjoy lovely dry days with us. There was lots of joyful farming, as well as the delight of observing the piglets exploring their new environment, and conquering fears while hiking in the mountains.

Foreman the bull is now keeping our Jersey cow, Pippa, company and we’re hoping he will get her in calf shortly. We’re looking forward to milking again in three weeks time. Milking is always such an engaging activity for young people, generating lots of fantastic discussion around where their everyday household produce comes from. Our lowlines are in the shed for winter and are making a good start on some herbal ley/clover mix hay bales.

Much to the joy of all, our pig farrowed at the start of the month, producing ten healthy and wriggly piglets. She is a first-time mum, and so ten piglets is an exceptional number. She’s doing a brilliant job with her litter and they can now be seen venturing out into the farmyard.

The tups (rams) are out with ewes, enjoying the last of the grass. They will be eating cover crop soon, which is a new venture for us at the Hereford farm. This will keep them healthy and well-fed through the winter-grazing months, before they come in for lambing in March.

Finally, we are excited to be re-opening our orchards very soon. These contain ancient species of apples, which will be pressed into apple juice and enjoyed by young people. A true Herefordian tradition!