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Stories | Nov 2014

Me going to a farm? No way! Or would I….?

When I first got told that I got chosen to go to Jamie’s Farm I didn’t want to go I even had to be dragged onto the mini bus and for what? I did enjoy it after all in fact I loved it the place there is beautiful and it is a massive place with a lot of different and interesting things and wonderful views of green hills.

The staff there really cares for you. They are polite and they all do separate things. Rachel is the one that looks out for the horses she is really good at it and working with the horses was also my favourite thing to do out of all. Jake is the guy I like the most out of all of the staff. He is helpful with everything and he talks to me seriously that is what really helps me. He is good at doing things such as log chopping and carrying heavy things. Tish is a really nice lady who helped me out a lot when we went over to another farm called Steve’s Farm it was really good. Tish was talking to me about how I behave in school how I could Improve it and how Jamie’s Farm will help me with all of this. Rob is the chef he is really good at cooking and he makes amazing food every time I was cooking with him he told me what to do and he made sure I do it right I doubt I’d be able to do it without him. Katie I don’t really know what she does but I’ve seen her cook once on the first day that we arrived and in the garden helping her out in the green house. Doug is a very funny guy who always whistles he has a little dog that is cute and he is good at dealing with the animals at Jamie’s Farm. Steve is helping in Jamie’s Farm however he has his own farm which is really good too when you go to Jamie’s Farm they take you to Steve’s farm too where you feed baby lambs and do a lot more fun things! Annie is a house keeper she is really polite and she is always there for us she works mostly at Steve’s Farm but we see her a lot at Jamie’s Farm too she always keeps our rooms tidy and changes the covers. And Jamie I didn’t get to meet him when I went there because he was away so Jake was the leader then that’s why I got to know him really well.

The one thing I must of say that killed me was the walks they are really long and you go far away walking around other places with the dogs and although they are really long I did not find it boring because they’re really good for you and you have people there to entertain you also Jake bring a American football ball to chuck around while you’re walking so it is fun.

I remember when I was there and we went on a walk we had a little match with the American Football ball but we played with the netball rules not so we rush each other so it was safe. Rachel the one that looks after horses is really tough expecially when it comes to sports I cans see that she is good and she does not give up she keeps pushing and pushing also Jake is really talented when it comes to sports.

Every morning we will go to feed the animals after we’ve all woken up then we would wash our hands get changed and eat breakfast but before we start eating we do something called a Check-In and a Shout out the whole point of that is to see how your feeling so Check-in is you telling everybody around the table how your feeling give a number out of ten and say why and the Shout out is you giving a nice words to either the staff or people you are with so when you see them doing something good and trying hard you say that and make them feel good.

I remember on the first day when the staff gave us a tour around the farm and we went over to the place where the pigs are and someone actually volunteered to ride a pig which was really funny and we played a game afterwards with eggs, you get into pairs and I was with Jake then you throw the egg if you catch it you take a step back if the egg breaks your out and I remember me and Jake won until the egg broke in my hands.

My favourite part of the whole trip was working with the horses because I found it interesting how much care you have to give to a horse and after we clean the horse and brush it we take it into a ring there you hold a rope that is tied on to the horse and make it do what you say so it actually listens to you and I managed to do it the best out of all people there which made me feel good. There is one animal I miss the most called Ellie it’s a donkey that really likes to cuddle and she is really friendly I couldn’t let her go when we were doing back.

What I have learnt from Jamie’s Farm is to treat people like I want to be treated because the animals there need a lot of care which all the staff gives to them and it’s good to see people doing that made me feel good when I could help the staff with the animals I would love to go back there I wouldn’t even think about it I’d just back my clothes and go straight to the mini bus! It’s a great experience.

Since I came back from Jamie’s Farm I have calmed down with my behaviour however I had made one stupid mistake which got me into exclusion which I highly regret but everyone makes mistakes… although I let myself down by doing that I’m looking forward to go to the Farm again since it’s a fantastic place where everyone cares about you. Thanks Jamie’s Farm!