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Blogs | Jun 2024

May update from Jamie’s Farm Skipton

We are thoroughly enjoying the sunshine in Skipton, and have been doing so alongside Upper Wharfedale, The Grange, Dallam and Priesthorpe schools. The cows are out, lambing has finished and they’re busy playing in the fields, our curlew nest is still being protected from afar by leaving the grass long and keeping the animals away, a new polytunnel is up and seedlings are planted.

We were delighted to have Rob Carnie join us for the arrival of the polytunnel and kickstart our growing. We are sorry to say goodbye to Rach, our magnificent volunteer, who is off to America for the summer! Another shorter-term goodbye and good luck to Emily as she begins her maternity leave, and excitingly, to say hello to Catherine, who is joining our team for the duration of Emily’s maternity leave.  

Some fantastic post-visits happened in the past month when Ben pulled out all the stops and facilitated an interactive, dressing-up extravaganza of an assembly for a primary school group.   

The farm is looking luscious and green. The grass is growing long, and the ground is drying out after a long, wet winter. Mark is delighted to have taken ownership of a new red tractor, which he very proudly trundles around on. Ben has passed his quad bike safety test and is ready to take to the fields. The animals are looking healthy and happy in the sun and the blossom has given way to green leaves. 

There were phenomenal scenes from Malham hike last week. We took a group of wonderful young people up to the cove and discovered Yorkshire’s most beautiful scenery. Some of the young people were convinced they’d hate the hike, but thrived – marching up the steps, spotting the wildlife, exploring the fells and rolling down hills.  

We’re looking forward to the coming months of summer!