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Blogs | Jun 2023

May update from Jamie’s Farm Lewes

This month we welcomed four different Carew Academy groups who had all visited other Jamie’s Farm locations over the course of the year for a brief but thoroughly enjoyable follow up visit, celebrating their achievements and reminiscing about their time with us.  

We also hosted two visits from Oasis Shirley Park as park of their regular Jamie’s Farm programme, and another as the first of our partnership weeks with Bertha Earth. Graveney School, another Bertha Earth visit, saw lots of curiosity about nature from a brilliant group of young people. 

We’re thrilled to also welcome summer on the farm. We’ve been enjoying pickling wild garlic from the woods, bringing in salad from the garden, eating outside and seeing our animals enjoying the space after being kept cosy inside for much of the harsh winter months.  

We had a great day of collaboration with our friends from Campbell Lutyens, who came for a day of volunteering and did an amazing job of clearing the area around our pond, returning it to its former glory. They worked incredibly hard, and we were grateful for their time and energy.  

We’ve been excited to add a new horse to our team. Harry is an enormous former racehorse who has already slotted in nicely to working with our young people, and he, Toffee and Nessie are already the best of friends – despite a somewhat comical difference in size.  

This month, we’d love to celebrate our fabulous Garden Coordinator, Jessie. Despite only being in post since January, she has already made the garden her own, and we are so happy to be seeing the fruits of her labour in the form of all the veg and salad that we are enjoying cooking and eating together. As well as being a first-class gardener, Jessie is wonderful at opening young people’s eyes to the magic of growing things. We are very lucky to have her on the team.  

We are very much looking forward to our Open Day on Saturday 10th June. It will be a great chance for the local community to see the farm, enjoy some delicious food and learn about what we do and how we farm. We hope to welcome you there!  You can learn more and register here.