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Blogs | Mar 2023

March update from Jamie’s Farm Monmouth

This month we’ve welcomed back Carew Academy, Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, ACT Schools Cardiff, The Nobel School and ACT Schools Caerphilly. March has brought sun, rain, wind and snow to Jamie’s Farm Monmouth but whatever the weather, our young people have shown much resilience to get lots of jobs done. Also, it has been fantastic to see them reflecting on themselves with honesty and bravery and voicing what they need to reach their goals.  

The Nobel School brought a Cox’s Orange Pippin tree to mark 5 years of visiting Jamie’s Farm. We got out the shovels and planted it in our orchard. In another 5 years, we’ll be picking and enjoying juicy apples from this tree! Thank you The Nobel School.  Also, we’re so proud that whilst working with our visiting groups we have now planted 1800 metres of mixed hedge and 250 native trees – what an achievement!

March has brought lambing season – always a magical time on the farm. The young people have been fabulous helping with all the jobs that need to be done – moving the newly born lambs and the ewes into separate pens, marking, mucking out pens in preparation for new arrivals and when ready, sending the ewes and lambs out to the fields to enjoy the spring sunshine.   

We always love to visit our partner schools to help remind our young people of the skills they learnt whilst on the farm. This month, Dave did a tour of the North! We very much enjoyed seeing everyone, finding out how everyone is getting on and sharing memories. Dave also joined in with some Legacy activities – a spot of gardening and making some delicious chocolate brownies.