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Blogs | Jan 2024

January update from Jamie’s Farm Monmouth

We’ve had a busy start to 2024 at Jamie’s Farm Monmouth, with some wonderful groups joining us from the Dean Academy, Parkwood E-ACT Academy and the Valley Leadership Academy. We have seen so much resilience in some very cold and wet weather, with fun still being had rolling down hills.

It has been fantastic seeing the young people reflecting on themselves with honesty and bravery and voicing what they need to reach their goals. Highlights have included a cow move – bringing our Australian Lowlines into the shed, woodchopping and spatula making, star gazing, bird watching, exploring the local countryside and having lots of fun playing games in our welcome barn.

The young Jamie’s Farmers from Coop Academy Leeds enjoyed watching the film with highlights from their trip SO MUCH that they watched it three times! Receiving their certificates made them proud to remember their achievements on the farm.

The group from Coop Academy Priesthorpe were very excited to be back together and find out what had been happening on the farm. We all enjoyed a lively game of Empire and then a very excitable round of ‘The Lemon Game’. It was great to see the positive relationships that have developed between these young people since their shared experience on the farm. The group will continue to have regular sessions and check-ins together to carry on the legacy of Jamie’s Farm.

Our cows are having a break from bale grazing as they are due their yearly pregnancy test, TB test and blood tests next week. They are in the barn and enjoying having visiting young people pamper them. Piglets are growing well, and they’re now too big to squeeze out of the pen – so there’s much less mischief around the farm yard!

In other news, Ellie was invited to a recent Monmouth Show AGM. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for this invitation, and we are so very grateful for the very generous donation of £1,000. This support enables us to continue our mission and make a positive impact on the lives of young people.