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Webinars | Dec 2022

Impact Webinar

How do we measure our impact?

In December we hosted our first ever webinar discussing how we measure our impact, including our successes to date, the challenges we’ve faced and what the future holds for us at Jamie’s Farm.

It was hosted by our co-CEO, Jake Curtis, Impact Manager, Dr. Sam Ardin, and Head of Impact and Influence, Chloe Thomas. Sam has broad ranging experience in data analysis, including a science PhD, during which she ran data analysis workshops and training with her fellow PhD students, and experience as an Impact Partnerships Manager at ImpactEd, where she worked with a broad range of education charities and organisations to help them collect and analyse data to evaluate the impact of their work. Chloe has overseen impact measurement at Jamie’s Farm for the last 5 years. Before joining the charity, she was a researcher at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health where she completed her MSc dissertation on risk taking behaviours in children. She also co-ordinated a large, randomised control trial of an obesity prevention programme at the University of Exeter.
It turned out to be a very successful and interesting discussion, giving a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into our monitoring and evaluation processes. We have 89 sign-ups for the webinar, in our feedback survey, 100% of those who responded said they found it engaging, and would like to attend another one. One person commented “The presenters were the best I’ve seen. Really engaging and thoughtful. Lots of food for thought about the balance between quantitative and qualitative data.”

Watch it back: