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Stories | Jul 2022

Iesha’s Story: I was quite an angry child before I came to Jamie’s Farm

Iesha came to Jamie’s Farm with her school because she was struggling to control her behaviour. Her relationship with teachers had deteriorated and she was no longer participating in lessons. Despite this, school staff knew Iesha had huge potential and encouraged her to come on the visit.

At the farm, Iesha became a different person. Instead of angry outbursts at the adults around her, she managed her emotions well and was a hugely positive influence on the group. Staff couldn’t believe the mature young woman who emerged throughout the week. Participating in all the activities, even when she found it tough. Iesha credits the relationships she built whilst at the farm, especially being listened to and respected by staff, for her dramatic turnaround.

“I’d say I was quite an angry child before I came to Jamie’s Farm. I was wanting respect from teachers but wasn’t getting it, so I started answering back. Then I started getting sent out of lessons. Things got worse and I got put in isolation. I wasn’t allowed to talk to any of my friends. Eventually, I stopped going to school completely. I was travelling so far just to sit on my own – and the learning I was given didn’t feel like real work.

Jamie’s Farm came at this point. Being at the farm really tested me – on the really long walks, I just kept thinking ‘Why is this necessary?’ and getting stressed out. One day the staff made us go walking so far on the hike and I got really angry, but I learnt to control myself and bite my tongue. This carried on back at school. I just learnt how to deal with situations better. I came to Jamie’s Farm with a few teachers I had problems with at school and didn’t get on with, but after the trip I got on with them much better – their attitude to me changed a lot. I felt like I could go to one of them with any problems I had, and I did for the rest of my time at school. After that week at Jamie’s Farm, I started going back to normal lessons again and I felt like the teachers gave me a fresh start. I even ended up doing my GCSEs.

I’m now working full time and have continued to manage my frustration well in my jobs. I hope to start my own business in future” – Iesha.