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Stories | Sep 2022

Dia’s Story: I found peace of mind

“Coming to Jamie’s Farm, I was at a point when I didn’t know where I was going to go or what I’d do. Jamie’s Farm gave me a space to think about life, and a time to clear my mind. Almost, not to make it cheesy, I just found peace of mind. Doing natural things made me realise how much you need to help the world around you and the impact you can have on small things… trying to be a better person and help people out. I took that with me going forwards in life. It taught me a lot about patience and general kindness.” – Dia

Dia first came to Jamie’s Farm with Hackney Virtual School. Although a very thoughtful and respectful individual, Dia had experienced some challenges in his life and was struggling with his confidence at school, finding engaging with lessons stressful. After overcoming initial anxieties about the visit, Dia threw himself into the ‘life swap’ at Jamie’s Farm and took on every challenge he was set. Throughout the week, he revealed his huge talent as a musician and played music from his heart, bringing lots of joy to the group. Dia became a wonderful role model to others, leading by example and maintaining his trademark kindness and positivity throughout.

Following his visit, Dia successfully completed his GCSEs – achieving all the grades he needed to get onto his chosen course. He is now studying a 2-year Theatre programme at The Brit School. Dia hopes to go on to study at Drama School and eventually become an actor.