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Stories | Sep 2021

Harry’s Story : When I got home, I wanted to get more involved

Harry was first identified by his school in the North West as a young person who would benefit from a visit to Jamie’s Farm. Harry was struggling to control his behaviour, regularly being asked to leave lessons, and teachers pointed out his tendency to play the clown in lessons rather than engaging with his learning.

During his first visit to Jamie’s Farm Hereford, in January 2019, staff noticed a change in Harry almost immediately. He was able to throw himself into the physical tasks and was popular amongst the group, but for very different reasons than back at school. Harry played the piano and involved the whole group in singing, demonstrating his openness and willingness to share. By the end of the week, Harry was able to reflect about his behaviour back at school, challenging himself to show more respect for teachers and to talk more openly to them. Harry’s behaviour showed improvements when he returned to school, responding well to support he was offered. He has since moved schools and continues to improve both academically and in managing his behaviour.

Harry’s mum says…

“My son was a high-flyer in Year 6, top of the school. No problems. Active, enthusiastic, bright, kind… After starting Year 7 there was a gradual decline. He was offered a trip to Jamie’s Farm in Year 9. I was still struggling to understand why he would need this. However, when he came back my son had returned!! He was the happiest and healthiest I had seen him for a long time. Jamie’s Farm recognised him and nurtured him. He has since changed schools and is achieving again. Jamie’s Farm gave him back the confidence in himself to rise above the peer pressure and get stuck in again. I will be forever grateful.”

Harry says…

“I think the reason I got chosen to come to Jamie’s Farm is because of my behaviour in school. The first time I got invited I felt quite happy I’d get a week off school with some mates but the experience was actually very good, it was relaxing, made everyone happy and more social and I left feeling really good in myself. When I got home, I wanted to do more and get more involved with things and opportunities. After the trip, I got a part time job on a local farm.”