Digging Deep

‘Digging Deep’ was a three-part series of enlightening online discussions, exploring the shifts in our world that the Coronavirus pandemic is creating for young people. Whether you are a parent, partner teacher, social worker, funder or simply passionate about supporting young people, we hope you will find the series interesting. Links to catch-up on the episodes are available below.

Episode 1: When life gives you dirt, plant seeds

Recorded: 18th February 2021

In this first discussion, Jonathan Dimbleby interviews Tish Feilden, followed by a debate chaired by James Westhead exploring the question, ‘Vulnerable children have been hit hardest by this pandemic. What possible good can come out of it for them?’

Featuring: Rebecca Boomer-Clark, Director of Secondaries at Ark, Rebecca Cramer, Founder and Executive Headteacher of Reach Academy, Trustee of Whatever it Takes, Kiran Gill, Founder and Chief Executive of The Difference, Jake Curtis, Deputy CEO, Jamie’s Farm.

Followed by an opportunity to hear Josh MacAlister, Founder of Frontline and soon to be Chair of the Independent Review of the Children’s Social Care, talking to young people about their experiences and what they think is needed.

Episode 2: Cultivating a Culture of Care

Recorded: 11th March 2021

In this second discussion, James Westhead chairs the second of our online discussions, asking “If organisations on the front line are to thrive, should we care more about the wellbeing of adult professionals or should they just toughen up?”

Featuring Steve Chalke, Founder and Leader of Oasis Global, Benna Waites, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Joint Head of Psychology Counselling and Arts Therapies for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Ruth Young, Head of Farm at Jamie’s Farm Hereford, and Andy Holmes, Global Head of Wellbeing at RB.

Followed by Damien Stork, Founder of CHX, Reframing Organisational Mental Health and Jake Curtis, Deputy CEO at Jamie’s Farm, talking about creating positive staff cultures. Plus the voices of young people talking to Tish Feilden, Co-founder and Lead Therapist at Jamie’s Farm, about the moments that matter.

Episode 3: A Sense of Space

Recorded: 1st April 2021

In the last of our Digging Deep series,  James Westhead chairs an online discussion exploring “How the beauty, purpose and care of our environment help us all to thrive, and why regenerating spaces can regenerate everyone”.

Featuring Sue Stuart-Smith, Psychiatrist and author of The Well Gardened Mind, Chris Wright, CEO of Catch 22, Peter Clegg, Senior Partner of FCB studios, and Jamie Feilden, Co-founder of Jamie’s Farm.

Plus Tish Feilden, Co-founder of Jamie’s Farm, explores special places and
Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang, Founder and Director of Lighthouse, joins Jake Curtis, Deputy CEO of Jamie’s Farm to discuss the importance of created environments.