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Blogs | Feb 2023

February update from Jamie’s Farm Monmouth

During the last couple of months, Jamie’s Farm Monmouth have welcomed back our Coop Academy partners – Coop Leeds, Coop North Manchester and Coop Woodlands. New partnerships have also developed too with Barnsley College. Highlights for our visiting groups have included crisp and frosty feeding rounds – making sure all our animals are checked, fed and watered before coming together in our Welcome Barn to enjoy a two-course breakfast!  

We’ve completed a number of sheep moves and soon our ewes will be coming into the shed in preparation for lambing.  All of our visiting young groups have been busy helping with much hedge planting. We would like to say a big thank you to our ‘Area of Natural Beauty’ volunteers and regular volunteers, Clare, Leoni and Aaron, who have given their time to help us with this project. With everyone working together, we’re halfway there to finishing! After a full day on the farm, we’ve taken various walks in the local countryside, watching some beautiful sunsets before enjoying some star gazing.   

We are excited to report that Dan our Farm Manager represented Jamie’s Farm at the Oxford Farming Conference as part of the Inspire group – a group of ‘younger’ people in the industry who are selected to review the conference, network and feedback. This included a trip to the American Embassy to discuss global agricultural policy and trade, and a trip to Grow-Up, an innovative vegetable producer (well worth a google). We are excited that the theme for next year’s conference will be centered around diversity and inclusion, and Dan is busy working hard to secure a place for Jamie’s Farm to be represented in front of hundreds of industry leaders, media and global government officials. Watch this space! 

Lastly, we want to say a big thank you to Winrow Nurseries who kindly donated a variety of fruit trees for Jamie’s Farm Monmouth to develop an orchard. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!