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Blogs | Feb 2024

February update from Jamie’s Farm Hereford

What a privilege it was to work with The Family Place, a brilliant organisation. We welcomed five young people and their parents to the farm for a week of walks, games and hard work. We never get tired of sharing this space with people, whether adult or young person and seeing the wonderful and varying impact their time at the farm can have.

This month, we were also joined by AIM North London, a returning partner who brought a brilliant group who were up for all that farm life had to throw at them. We were also joined by Highfield Leadership Academy, a new partner from Blackpool. Harris Wimbledon were with us over half term, enjoying a hardworking time out on the farm. See the below photo for a beautiful spatula made by one young person, showing creative inspiration and continuity between their woodwork and craft sessions.

For a recent follow-up visit, we enjoyed a celebration evening with the fantastic group from Cheltenham Bournside, who came to the farm back in January. It was particularly lovely to meet the families and wider community that surround the young people. A film showing highlights from their visit, awards and ice cream were heartily enjoyed by all!

A another follow-up, the young people from our longstanding partner, Nightingale, were proud to show some of our team around their school farm. With a healthy dose of connect4 and chess, there was a lovely atmosphere as everyone got together to reminisce about a great week spent together.

In the garden, the first seeds have been planted out – tomatoes, radishes and rocket. It feels important for the young people to take ownership of their continued legacy, giving back to the farm and ensuring their is plenty of home grown vegetables for future visitors.

Out on the farm, we’ve been moving sheep around the last of the sweet-beet. They’re now in the lambing shed for the month leading up to lambing season. The lowline cattle have gone across to the Monmouth farm, and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Angus cows from Bath. We now have a pair of sows, who are both enjoying their life in our orchard. One is ‘in pig’, and due to have piglets in three months time. We can’t wait!