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Webinars | Jan 2023

Cultivating Change | Zero tolerance or a more inclusive approach?

Zero tolerance or a more inclusive approach: What’s most effective in improving behaviour?

Our second Cultivating Change webinar took place on the 21st January. The exploration of behaviour policies within schools proved to be a popular topic, with 164 people registering for the event.

Evidence suggests that the root causes of poor behaviour have been exacerbated by the pandemic and the impact of the current cost of living crisis, with suspensions currently at a 6 year high. In a recent survey by Teacher Tapp, only 30% of teachers thought their own school behaviour policy was effective and 50% thought it was fair to students.

Our panellists came together to discuss the zero tolerance and inclusive behaviour policies within schools, with a consensus that these cannot be mutually exclusive to ensure a supportive learning environment.

Our expert panel included:

Chair: Jake Curtis (Co-CEO of Jamie’s Farm)

Chris Fairbairn, Head teacher at The Totteridge Academy

Tish Feilden, Director of Therapeutic Education at Jamie’s Farm

Mohamed Abdallah, Head of the Inclusive Leadership Course at The Difference

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