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Blogs | May 2023

Champions for Children: all donations DOUBLED

6 – 20 June 2023

DOUBLE your donation; be a catalyst for change

What is Champions for Children?

Champions for Children, supported by the Childhood Trust, is a nationwide fundraising campaign where all donations made to Jamie’s Farm will be generously matched.

That means a donation of £30 becomes £60. If you are eligible for Gift Aid, that’s a total gift of £67.50!

Why donate?

Five children in a classroom of 30 are now thought to have a diagnosable mental health condition*. With poor mental health comes lower academic attainment and increased absence from school.

Young people are facing some of the toughest challenges in decades. For many of the disadvantaged children we support, the cost-of-living crisis has compounded existing vulnerabilities caused by the pandemic, unstable home environments, poor access to safe outdoor space, anxieties of social media, and external worries of global emergencies and the environment.

Jamie’s Farm is a powerful intervention making a real, lasting impact – 98% of visiting staff saw an increase in their student’s confidence and self-esteem after being at the farm**. But we need your help to make this happen.

Your donation this June will help transform the social, behavioural and academic outcomes for 2,250 children in the year ahead. Stand together with young people at a time of unprecedented need and help create the change they so desperately need.

How does it work?

Between 12pm 6th until 12pm 20th June, all gifts to Jamie’s Farm (made via our campaign page hosted on the Big Give website) will be DOUBLED. We have a target of £50,000 to reach, which will be doubled to make £100,000 of vital support to help Jamie’s Farm reach more multiple-disadvantaged young people than ever, at a time when costs are rising for charities.

I’m in!

Simply press the “please donate here” button below, and share the news of #ChampionsforChildren23 with your friends and family to help us reach that £100,000 target.

What your money could buy…

Amount showing what your money could buy

*NHS, 2020

**Jamie’s Farm, 2020-21 academic year