Who we are


Jamie’s Farm acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

We do this through a unique residential experience and rigorous follow-up programme, combining farming, family and therapy.

Our vision
Vulnerable young people nationwide will be better equipped to thrive during secondary school years and beyond.

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The need

Social and academic exclusion are serious problems affecting young people in the UK today. When children are not engaging fully with their education it can be difficult for them to see their potential as successful people. Without opportunities to realise what they are capable of, a course of underachievement and underemployment can be set very early on. The consequences of this are likely to be felt well into adulthood, with the biggest impact on employability, wellbeing and relationships. At Jamie’s Farm, we offer a unique, preventative solution to empower young people to change course.


Our response

Our powerful formula of Farming, Family and Therapy, delivered via a five-day residential and rigorous follow-up programme, addresses the root causes of exclusion by equipping vulnerable children to thrive during their secondary school years. We work in partnership with all our schools as we recognise that for impact to be greatest, we have to empower and support schools in order to make changes last. Specifically, our programme is designed to improve behaviour, boost engagement and improve well-being by building soft-skills such as self-esteem.


We are committed to:

  • A preventative approach;
  • Building long term partnerships with schools and charities that bring children to Jamie’s Farm;
  • Giving children a framework of support that will allow the impact of the farm on self-esteem, relationships and behaviour to continue beyond the farm.


A visit to Jamie’s Farm results in:

  • Fewer fixed term and permanent exclusions;
  • Reengagement with teachers, school and educational life;
  • Professional development opportunities for all visiting staff;
  • Memories that last a lifetime, and an opportunity to reform patterns of behaviour in school and beyond.

We are extremely proud of the impact we make on students, teachers and schools. For more information on our results, see our impact page.

*conclusion from a collaborative research project with Teach First in 2014, examining which UK communities would benefit most from a Jamie’s Farm intervention

Jamie’s Farm works because it provides immense individual care and has a team of outstanding members of staff, with a formidable network of supporters, who enable transformation to occur in a small amount of time. Yet this knowledge does not make us think that expanding our proven model onto pastures new is impossible; rather it compels us to expand so that more vulnerable young people can benefit from it.

Over 43,000 pupils stand to benefit most from our intervention. We believe we can work with up to a tenth of these within five years, over many locations, without losing the special feeling that visitors to Jamie’s Farm – young and old – sense within moments of arriving. That is our ambition, and with your support, we will achieve it.

This is our exciting vision. However, we will never expand at a pace that will compromise our quality. Jamie’s Farm is a special place; we will grow organically and nurture key qualities so that every child who lives and works with us in the future gains the same outcomes, the same lifelong memories, as children have done to date.