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At Jamie’s Farm we are committed to re-engaging disadvantaged young people (age 11-16) with education. Through this blog we seek to share thought provoking insight whilst providing guidance for those working with young people, who like us, want them to become the best version of themselves. To receive our latest blog post direct to your inbox you can subscribe below.

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Blog: “Jamie’s Farm has made me believe in myself and has made me feel I can be whatever I want”

A blog post written by one of our lovely young people Afreen, who has visited the farm a number of times and returned this year on her work experience placement. Afreen is currently taking her A-levels and plans to study sports psychology at university. In this blog post she describes her first experience at Jamie’s Farm and how it has made her the person she is today. 

Hi! My name’s Afreen, I’m from East London and I’ve been to Jamie’s Farm a few times now.

The first time I came was with a mentoring programme called Make It! During the programme I had a mentor, who I met with once a week and spoke to about my difficulties. We also had group work, which helped me get to know my peers a lot better, and we were given challenges, which we had to work together to achieve. At the end of the programme we had a residential trip to Jamie’s Farm, which was an unforgettable, and life changing experience.

What I loved most about Jamie’s Farm was being in the countryside because it just so beautiful and peaceful. We were constantly working hard and it was completely different from where I live.When I first came to Jamie’s Farm it was quite unusual because it is nothing like life in London, however being in the countryside and being around lovely people has made me someone that I thought I could never be. In London it is always busy, quite grubby but it if full of fantastic things and activities. Public transport where ever you go and most of the people are quite friendly. Though the countryside is nothing like London: it is very spacious and you feel very free and people are much friendlier and are just always willing to help out. Also clean air is without a doubt the main advantage of being in the countryside. London lacks a lot of open space and we are always indoors on the computer and in the county side there is so much open space you never want to be inside. And the main thing I love about the countryside is being able to produce your own food.girlwith veg

Another reason why I liked Jamie’s Farm is that I learnt how to be more independent and I learnt simple ways to solve my problems, this experience also helped me learn a lot about what kind of person I could really be and myself. And the last thing I loved most about Jamie’s Farm was the staff: they are really lovely and caring, they always make you smile and laugh and they are really wonderful people to talk to and be around.

I chose to do work experience at Jamie’s Farm because, mainly, I wantedpumpkin to experience how it would be to work somewhere away from home but I also thought I would be good at helping the young people by mentoring and helping them become a better person . During my work experience I also got to see the background of Jamie’s Farm and got to see how it all comes together.

When I leave school I want to be a sport psychologist. This is because I

really think I’m very confident with talking to people and I am always willing to help them become better no matter the situation. Jamie’s Farm has helped me fulfil my dreams and is the reason I’m very confident. They have also made me believe in myself and made me feel as if I can be whatever I want if I work hard and fight for my dreams.

What I would say to someone unsure about Jamie’s Farm is that opportunities like this don’t just come and go, it is a life changing experience and will help you with whatever situation you’re in and give you that extra boost you need. It will also help you progress in school and life.

Last but not least, Jamie’s Farm is the best opportunity I’ve taken and has honestly made me the person I am today.

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