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BBC Radio 4: World at One

Aired: 10th August 2020
BBC Radio Four: World at One featuring reporter Emma Jane Kirby

“We can’t change the social aspects and economic aspects, but we can help support the emotional life of a family.” Tish Feilden, Co-founder 

Earlier this month we welcomed BBC Radio 4 reporter Emma Jane to our farm in Bath. In this World at One radio feature, we hear from some of the children and families from Kensington and Chelsea benefiting from their time at the farm, providing them with a break from the city and the strains and impact of lockdown.

“I absolutely love it, it’s great. To work on a farm, it helps you breakdown that cycle after lockdown…. in lockdown there was only the two of us and it can bring tension, though when you go out, like here and meet different families it’s much better, it helps your mental state a lot.” Eleanor, mum visiting with her daughter.

Covid-19 restrictions have meant that Jamie’s Farm is unable to host its full immersive residential programme, and we are concerned that many children who could be helped by Jamie’s Farm are slipping though the net of support. We are looking for the government to reconsider the restrictions on residential stays so that we are able to support the most vulnerable children. A petition allowing educational residentials is available here, and we would be very grateful if you could help us by signing it to get this changed.

“The lockdown… obviously it makes me down, facing death, stress and anxiety. And [here] you can see different animals, the sheep, horses, chickens and even the weather is different, the grass and even the house if different… I feel so grateful, it is a great experience.” Emma Jane interviewing mum Rebekah, as she works alongside the horses.