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Jamie’s Farm Remote Support Programme

Published: 29th January, 2020

A staggering one in six children are now thought to have a diagnosable mental health condition. Lockdown is taking a toll on all aspects of children’s lives but, for the vulnerable children we support, the impact of school closures is being felt acutely. At Jamie’s Farm, we have been determined to find new ways to support these young people while only a small number are able to visit our farms in person.

From our virtual check-ins, to sharing the joy of #LockdownLambing, we have been working to bring the calm and joy of our farms to young people. Most recently this has seen us rolling out a brand-new programme of remote support for our existing partner schools.

The programme provides free, personalised support for children who have visited Jamie’s Farm in the last academic year and are identified as most in need for support by their school. Over four months, the young person meets face-to-face bi-weekly over video with a member of Jamie’s Farm staff which they worked alongside when at the farm. Like on our farms, this support is tailored to the individual child’s needs and interests. This initiative has been made possible thanks to a Covid-19 grant from the Youth Endowment Foundation.

Our remote programme aims to help children engage with their schoolwork, develop healthy routines and improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing. We know that many children have suffered high levels of anxiety during the past months, and we aim to provide young people with the space, time and support they need to set achievable goals and help rebuild their confidence.

Every single student of our school is currently living through something that will affect their futures, in one way or another. For our more vulnerable students, I have huge concerns regarding the mental health and wellbeing.

The programme has been an extremely valuable means for students to vent frustration and worry. It has given them an opportunity to ask questions that they may not feel comfortable asking me or another member of staff at school. I have seen how relaxed some of the more hyperactive and challenging students become after having their session. The ability of the Jamie’s Farm team to make young people feel at ease and safe is something I have learnt a lot from and admire greatly.” Mr Cooke, Behaviour Manager, St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, January 2021

We know that schools will be relied on to pick up the pieces from this pandemic – not only academically but in terms of their pupils’ social and emotional development. Our aim is that this remote support will help lessen the damaging impact of the pandemic for those children most in need.