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Jamie’s Farm set to get official backing in 2019

 A farming charity which helps disadvantaged young people is being supported by an Ardingly organisation.

The farm in Lewes
 The farm in Lewes.


Jamie’s Farm, in Allington Lane, Lewes, will be the South of England Agricultural Society’s 2019 Charity of the Year.

The charity was established in 2005 by then school teacher, Jamie Feilden. It helps disadvantaged young people to learn new skills to improve their employment opportunities. Mr Feilden said: “Each day, 35 children are excluded from school. Our new farm in Lewes will give 450 young people a year across the South the opportunity to see life from a different perspective.

“We are thrilled to be working with the South of England Agricultural Society to fulfill our goal of being the catalyst for change in these youngsters’ lives.”

The Society’s president Sir Richard Kleinwort, praised the charity. He said: “Jamie’s Farm is a remarkable organisation which provides young people on the verge of school exclusion with a unique opportunity to realise what they are capable of.

“The synergy between the goals of the South of England Agricultural Society and those of Jamie’s Farm is clear, and with their new venue opening in Sussex, the decision to support the charity was an easy one.”

Sir Kleinwort has also supported the opening of the fourth Jamie’s Farm in April 2019. Iain Nichol, CEO of the Society, said: “When Sir Richard shared his thoughts on choosing Jamie’s Farm as our 2019 charity, we immediately saw the connection between their mission and ours – to promote and educate on matters pertaining to agriculture.”

“And with the new Lewes site under construction – the first for Jamie’s Farm in the South – we are very keen to help them establish roots here and become better known in the region.”